(Solved)How to Fix Print Spooler Service Not Running Error

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Are you also facing Print Spooler Service Not Running error on your printer??? If so, the article is dedicated to you!

The Print spooler or printer spooler is a service which is basically designed to help printer interact with the computer! Many a time, our computer denies to print the requested document and start showing “print spooler not running ” error.

If your print spooler service is showing problems while giving printing commands to your computer, probably the time has come that you badly need to fix the print spooler error now. We all very well know how difficult it can become for us when the local print spooler service is not running because it will cause our printers to not work and our day to day life will get disturbed.

print spooler service not running

Printers are something we need in various stages of our office and home use and working of it properly is a must! When you see the print spooler error, the very first step you need to do is to restart your printer. If doing that, printer spooling service starts working well, you are lucky. And if not, you’ll have to go through the below guide!

There are a number of workarounds for printer spooler fix. Let’s find out what are those solutions.

How to Fix Print Spooler Service Not Running:

If you have restarted your printer but it is still denying to function, use the below method. Most probably your problem will get solved. If the problem persists, there are more methods there below in the guide.

Method 1.

The first and simple workaround for this problem are to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them. Because printer spooler problem arises due to the driver corruptions mostly. If you are avoiding to uninstall the drivers, you can try the second method first.

If that method works fine for you, you are good to go. Or at last, you will have to uninstall your printer drivers and then reinstall them back.

Method 2.

The second method you need to be trying is to use a freeware called Print Spooler repair tool. This tool works best in all the operating systems called windows XP, windows vista, 7, windows 8, 8.1, and windows 10.

Below steps will help you understand better how to use this tool to fix Print Spooler Service Not Running error.

  • Download Print Spooler repair tool and double-click the installer file to launch this software.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once the software is successfully installed, double click on its shortcut icon on your desktop to open it up.
  • Once the Print Spooler repair tool is opened, you will see the following dialogue box.how-to-use-print-spooler-repair-tool
  • Now click on the Scan/Repair button to start scanning and then resolving the print spooler error.
  • Once the repairing is complete, click on the Finish Button to complete the procedure.

This method will solve all your problems most probably including Printer Spooler error 1058, Printer Spooler error 1068, Printer Spooler error 1053 etc . If the problem continues to occur, don’t delay and try out the third method.

Method 3:

If above two methods have failed to solve things for you, here goes the third workaround.

  • Click on the start menu and click on the Run option. Or simply press Windows+R button to open the Run dialogue box.
  • Now in the search field, you need to type the services.msc command. Now press Ok.
  • This action will launch the Services dialogue box.
  • There, you need to click the Printer Spooler. This step can understand more by the below screenshot.Print spooler service
  • In the new dialogue box, set the startup type to Automatic. If you do so, your printer will be instructed to start the spooling service automatically.Print spooler properties

But to make the things to take effect, you need to restart your computer. Do that and check if things are working fine. If not, you need to try out the fourth method. This will most probably resolve all the issues and your computer will work fine.

Method 4.

This method is a proven one and works great in most of the cases. This method will most probably solve the print spooler service not running error. Here’s what to do.

  • Go to start menu on your computer and the select My Computer.
  • Now go to C Drive and click on the Windows folder.
  • Now follow the path system32 folder – spool folder – printers folder.
  • Now delete all the contents of that folder and empty it.
  • Once you have successfully done that, close that folder and come back to start menu.
  • There, go to the Control panel and then Admin tools.
  • There go to Services, scroll all the way down to Printer Spooler and click on the start button to start the printer spooler service. You also directly go to Services by typing the services.msc command in the Run dialogue box as I mentioned in the method 3.

So that’s it for the method. Hope you carefully followed the steps and solved the problem successfully.

Final Methods:

All the above-mentioned methods most certainly solve print spooler service not running error. I’m pretty sure, after following all the methods one by one, there are very rare chances the problem will persist. But in the exceptional case, if the printer spooler is still causing problems, you will need to contact your customer service provider.

And if you have successfully resolved the problem, feel free to show your courtesy by giving  us your feedback.

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