MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer Review

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4.9/5 on 29/03/2016

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229 reviews


  • High-quality 3D prints.
  • Robust and rigid.
  • Great customer support.
  • Easy setup.


  • No wireless.
  • No touchscreen.


The MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is a really amazing printer with excellent customer support, robust design and quality prints. We highly recommend this 3D printer to anyone willing to have the best value printer.

The MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is the best value printer for home or commercial purpose. The printer is the winner of the 2016 3D Hub enthusiasts award. The MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is built of  black powder-coated rigid steel frame and heated metal build pPlatform for thermal stability.

This 3D printer is an extremely robust printer which contains no flimsy parts which can be damaged or hurt. It is one of the best 3D printers in the market which is liable to produce high-quality prints with minimal efforts.

If you are looking for a reliable, rigid, long-lasting and best value 3D printer then you can consider MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer.

MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D printer

Key Features of the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer:

1 Design and Layout:

The design of the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is absolutely sturdy. It is made up of black powder-coated rigid steel frame and the build area dimensions of this 3D desktop printer is 8″ x 10″ x 8″.

None of the parts of the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is flimsy or low tolerant. It comes pre-assembled but can be tweaked later as per the suitability of the user.  The MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer comes equipped with heated metal build Platform which is liable to provide thermal stability.

It has quality linear rails which offer open environment creating 3D objects.

2. Print Quality and Speed:

The printing quality of the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is very high. There are rarely any users who complain about the quality of the prints. The speed of this 3D printer is also very good.

Unlike the laser printers or inkjet printers, we can’t measure the printing speed in ppm, because the printing from the 3D printers completely depends on the size of the printable 3D object but we surely can assure you about the quality of this 3D Printer offers.

3. Supported printing material:

The MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer supports versatile printing material. It works great with most of the material including ABS, PLA, PET, flexible and more.

4. Warranty and Support:

The MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer team is a top-notch supportive team. The customer support of the Desktop 3D Printer is excellent. Most of the reviewers of this printer have confirmed it.

The warranty of the  MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is 6-months limited. Although, it could be more but the robustness and tough design of the product make this point not much of the consideration. 

Customer Scores and Reviews

If we talk about the customer reviews, by writing this review, over 162 users have reviewed this product. To our pleasant surprise, none of the reviewers of the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer have rated 1-2 rating for it so far. In fact, the overall rating for it is 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Easy Setup:

However, the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is not a plug and play sort of a printer but it hardly takes 30 minutes for the unpacking and setup. Even a novice can use this product within the 30 minute of the purchase.   

Solid and Robust:

The  MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is sturdy and robust. There are no chances for it to get breaks or bend for years unless you deliberately break it with the hammer. This quality makes people like this amazing product even more.

High Quality and Quick results:

The customer reviews of the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D printer reassure the fact we have mentioned above that this 3D printer produces high-quality prints at very fast rate as compared to the other 3D printers in the market:

Outstanding customer support:

The customer support of the  MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D printer team is excellent. This 3rd generation printer most probably seems to have no issues for the long duration of buying the product but in case, if you face issues, the Makergear team is always there to support.

This one point makes this product more dependable and worth giving money for.

Smooth and blockage free printing:

The MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D printer functions very smooth and hassle free if the reviewers are to be believed. The 4.9 rating over 162 user reviews shows how reliable the product is.

None of the users of the product suggested any problem while printing 3D objects with MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D printer. They are very satisfied with the quality and working of the printer.


There are no such drawbacks in this printer. That’s the reason it has topped our list of best 3D printers in 2016. It would be great if this printer would have got a touchscreen.

Although, it doesn’t affect the system performance but we can take it as an improvement for the future. Also, if the printer would have the wireless connectivity, that would be great!

Final words

The MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is one of the best printers in 2016It’s affordable, reliable and very easy to use, even a non-experience person can use it easily.

Its extremely rigid and there are no any parts in the printer which can be bend, break or shattered. It comes with a black powder-coated rigid steel frame, which not in any circumstances has any chances to break down. It functions smooth and delivers high-quality results when it comes to printing.   

The user reviews are the proof how satisfying the MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is to its users. We as a reviewer, give full marks to the product! Do let us know your take on the same.   

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