Major Difference Between Inkjet and Laser Printer


Want to find out the major difference between Inkjet and Laser Printer?? Go through this article, I’m sure you’ll have all your doubts clear.

For a general person, one of the toughest choice likely to be faced is either to buy a laser printer or an inkjet printer? Since they are the basic two types of printers, the confusion is obvious.

And we can’t deny the fact that printers are too useful for us in homes as well as in offices as they provide a written hard copy of any data, any photo or any such important document.

So the people often search for the best printers and they make  comparisons of printers between laser and Inkjet.

Major Difference Between Inkjet and Laser Printer

So today I have come up with an interesting and very useful topic that might help you to know the exact difference between the laser printers and the inkjet printers.

Difference Between Inkjet and Laser Printer

Below are some difference between laser and Inkjet Printers. Have a look to them and then decide which one suits your needs the best.

Actually, the difference is not given in the table format. Basic features of both the printers are given, by going through the main features, you will understand the difference between laser and Inkjet printer.

So shall we start???

Inkjet Printer:

Mostly people use inkjet printer as it is not so costly and provide all the features an ordinary printer should have. They are filled with color inks and black and white cartridges.

The inkjet printer has nozzles which  are also known as jets, these nozzles spray ink in the shape of alphabets or pictures which you have selected to be printed. The printer cannot use white ink so it cannot print onto a dark surface. The ink in an inkjet printer is not waterproof.

The copy of an inkjet printer takes a little time to dry. These printers give a high-quality print but in images, they are not so good.

Some Important Features of an Inkjet Printer:

Low Cost : These printers are low in cost in compare of a laser printer, Consumer’s needs are fulfilled in just a low amount of money which is a good thing for middle-class people.

Small in Size : Inkjet printers are not so large so they can be put on a small desk or a small space. mostly all-in-one printers are bit larger but smaller than a laser printer. It is good for home or small office use.

Excellent Quality : These printers use ink to print any document or any photo. Due to the ink used, they offer the great quality print.

Now as you know the basic features offered by Inkjet Printers, go the second part of the article. Which basically contains the features offered by Laser printer to understand the real difference between Inkjet and Laser printer.

Laser Printers :

Laser printers are much more costly in comparison of an inkjet printer but we know  that the more price we pay the more features we get.

Laser printers are faster than the inkjet printers. They have more features than any other printers. If you will go through our list of best printers in 2016, You will understand most of the printers listed uses the laser technology.

In this printer ink is not used, a laser beam draws the document on a selenium-coated drum using electric power. A laser printer can scan a document to a computer and prints any document very fast.

Important Features of a Laser Printer:

Faster Printing Speed: Laser Printers use laser beams to print any document which is faster than an inkjet printer. Fast printing is a good feature for those who doesn’t have much time to wait for printing.

Excellent Print Quality : These printer prints a high-quality document but printing images is not so cool in laser printers. Inkjet printers are better in printing images.

Easy cleaning : In an inkjet printer inks flows while cleaning it but in a laser printer  toner doesn’t  stain like ink. A laser printer is not messy as an inkjet printer.

Inkjet Printers are less costly than laser printers. One should definitely  think twice about their budget and take the decision to buy either an Inkjet Printer or a Laser Printer. But I think Inkjet Printer is better for a middle-class person who have little demands and a less budget. And if you want more features and faster printing you should go for a Laser Printer.

I hope this article helped you get the major difference between Inkjet and Laser printer.

Both the printer type have their own benefits and drawback. No matter which one you have decided to buy for you, here are our top pics for best laser printers in 2016 and best Inkjet printers of 2016.

Also, do read the buying guide to know some more features you should be looking into before buying a printer for you!


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