Canon SELPHY CP910 Portable Wireless Color Photo Printer

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4.5/5 on 26/03/2016

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1,252 reviews


  • Really affordable.
  • Prints great quality pictures.
  • Wireless and direct printing from mobile.
  • Optional Battery


  • No paper size versatility.
  • Little bit slower


The Canon SELPHY CP910 is a very light-weight and easy to carry printer. With the optional battery, wireless connectivity, direct mobile printing options, high print quality and very affordable choice, it makes a great choice to any photo lover.

For a photos lover and to those who loves cherishing the moments of their life in the form of photos, the Canon SELPHY CP910 is a great choice. It is a light-weight portable printer which you can carry along with you about everywhere.

The Canon SELPHY CP910 lets you print beautiful borderless 4″ x 6″ photo prints. No matter whether you own an Android, iPhone or windows phone you can print wirelessly within seconds. The Canon SELPHY CP910 is one of the most affordable photo printers which you can carry along with you due to its extremely light weight and an additional battery it comes along. Its Airprint enabled, meaning you can print wirelessly from

Its Airprint enabled, allowing you to wirelessly print from your smart gadgets like wireless camera, iPhone, iPod, iPad and more! There are certainly many other features like Portrait Image Optimization, red eye correction which make it number one user choice.

Canon SELPHY CP910

Key Features of Canon SELPHY CP910:

The key features of the Canon SELPHY CP910 includes:

1. Design and Layout:

The Canon SELPHY CP910 is an extremely small size and portable printer. It weighs about 1.8 pounds which can be carried along about anywhere. The dimensions of the printer are 5 x 4 x 2.4 inches.

It comes in two different colors black and white, out of which you have to make a choice. The Canon SELPHY CP910 lets you optimize your image on the 2.7″ Tilt-up LCD while the time of computer-free printing or printing via Memory Cards & USB Flash Drive.

2. Printing Speed and Quality:

You can print a photo in just 47 seconds as per the product description is given by the manufacturer. While the actual printing rate of this printer is around 60 seconds as per the testing performed by the PC mag. Although, this printing speed should not a be of a big concern as long as you are a professional photographer and you have to print bulks of photos at a time.

If we talk about the quality, the Canon SELPHY CP910 delivers high-quality water-resistant prints using Dye-sublimation technology. By using this technology, this printer is liable to print up to 16.8 million colors thus producing the beautiful eye-pleasing pictures in both color and black and white prints.

3. Paper Handling:

The  Canon SELPHY CP910  lets you print borderless 4″ x 6″. The paper size is ideal but you can’t except versatile paper handling from this printer. Although, you can print smaller prints the size provided but not more. With the Canon SELPHY CP910, you can print borderless beautiful edge to edge credit card and postcard size prints.

4. Connectivity:

This printer offers multiple connectivity options. The Canon SELPHY CP910 is Airprint enabled, it means you can print wirelessly from your compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and windows phone without having to install additional drivers.

The built in wireless of Canon SELPHY CP910 lets you print anywhere in your home over your wi-fi connection without having to be near your home. Also, you can print directly from your mobile devices.

Besides that, the Canon SELPHY CP910 allows printing directly from Memory Cards & USB Flash Drive without using the computer.

Other Features

  • Portrait Image Optimize- The Canon SELPHY CP910 has a portrait image optimizer, which lets you edit and optimize your pictures for great prints.
  • Red-eye Correction- This printer has advanced feature of correcting the red-eye effect due to the flash light.
  • Borderless Printing- The Canon SELPHY CP910 lets you print amazing borderless edge to edge photos.
  • Optional Battery: This printer comes with an optional battery back-up to enhance the portability of this printer.
  • Memory Cards & USB Flash Drive: If you don’t feel like using the computer while printing the photo from your mobile, no worries! The Canon SELPHY CP910 le’s you print directly from Memory cards and USB flash drive.

Customer Scores and Reviews

The customer rating for the Canon SELPHY CP910 is very good. It has got an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars over 373 users, which is pretty awesome. Most of the users are extremely satisfied with the product since its very affordable and is power-packed with almost every feature we would like to see in our best photo printer.

1. Easy Setup and Portable:

Most of the users confirmed the easy setup and hassle free printing. Also, they gave good points to the printer due to its small size and portable nature.

2. Wireless printing works great

The Canon SELPHY CP910 offers multiple wireless connectivity options. Most of the users seem to be satisfied with wireless connectivity options. They said that the wireless works great with android and iPhones.

4. High-quality pictures at affordable price

The printers offer great quality prints even the users confirmed this.


Little bit slower:

The printer is designed to provide printing speed of 47 sec/photo but sadly is delivers a photo in around one minute which is not bad though but not up to mark.

Not much Versatile Paper Handling:

The Canon SELPHY CP910 is not as versatile as we expect it to be. It lets you print 4″ x 6″ photos and not beyond that. I wish it could offer more paper versatility, otherwise, it is a great printer.

Final words

The lows of the Canon SELPHY CP910 are truly minimal. This little printer might be a bit slower speed is a not a big concern for anyone as long as they have heavy printing requirements. Wireless connectivity, beautiful color quality, picture editing features, very light weight, direct printing from mobile and there are many such features which are more than an ordinary printer can have.

The great plus of this printer is the Price. It hardly costs you anything beyond $100. With that price and the range of features provided by the Canon SELPHY CP910 is astonishing.

We highly recommend this printer to anyone who believes in cherishing their memories in the form of pictures. The print quality is great and the price is really affordable.


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