Best Laser Printer in 2016 | Top 10 Laser Printer Reviews

When we are talking about the best printers and no mention of Laser printer, well, it’s kinda impossible. Since you have landed here in the search of the best laser printer, it’s our responsibility to make you familiar with the maximum number of the best laser printer.

However mentioning all of the laser printers together at one place is quite not possible so we have covered here top 10 best laser printers. Also, we have described printer reviews. So check out all the reviews carefully and decide the most suitable printer for your office and home use.

There are multi types of  laser printers available in the market. If you have planned to buy a printer, then my this guide may help you to get the right printer for you.

This guide is written just to help you choosing a right product in a very short span of time. And it is obvious no one would be wanting to lose money and invest it in the wrong product. So, before proceeding to buy the best printer make sure you read the complete guide below.

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Here, I have summarized a list of the best laser printer, where we have covered top 10 best laser printers you can consider while buying. Moreover, we also have covered laser printer reviews with each of the product mentioned.

Best Laser Printer in 2016

But before we move forward to see the best laser printer list, let’s see what actually a laser printer is and how it is different from inkjet printers. After that we will see briefly why laser printers are becoming popular, why you should go for a laser printer, why to buy a Laser Printer, and many more factors we will be discussing below regarding the best laser printer.

What is a Laser Printer:

A laser printer is a printer linked to a computer, which produces good-quality printed material by using a laser technology. This type of printers allows you to print high-quality documents in a very short time. These printers are much faster than Inkjet printers. The laser printer is not only good for personal home use but for business, schools, small offices as well.

Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process. It produces high-quality text and graphics (and moderate-quality photographs) by repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged cylindrical drum to define a differentially-charged image.

Laser Printers are basically available in two types

  • Basic document printer
  • Copier/Scanner/Printer (All-in-One)

Basic document printer is the best laser printer for home. Choosing out the printer depends upon your need. If the requirement is to print a word document, excel spreadsheet, or a web page then the basic document printer may suit your best.

Another type of printer is all in one laser printer. All in one printer is equipped with a copier and scanner along with the printer. Which means you can use this printer for a big organization. All in one laser printer best suits for office use. So, if you are looking for a printer for your small business or office setting, then all in one laser printer is best to go for.

Now since you have got what is laser printer and the basic types of laser printers you might be wondering which laser printer to buy and where to buy a laser printer? If so, it’s time to check out best laser printer available. Below we have described best laser printer list for you to make the selection easier. Let’s check it out top 10 laser printers with their basic specifications.


With the help of above guide you probably have decided to choose a laser printer. Laser printers, however, are not the only option you can consider. You can also refer the Inkjet printer, Photo printers, All in one printer, 3D printers and a lot moreAnd if you want the only best printers of all brands and types then you can check the list of top 10 best printers here.

Assuming, you have made the decision from the above chart and have decided a printer which you’d probably like to buy. But do you know what qualities you should consider while buying a printer?  If no, then do read out our printers buying guide and make sure you follow the buying guide before moving further.

Now it’s time to decide the best laser printer by reading the detailed reviews of the printers we read in the above chart.

Top 10 Laser Printer Reviews

1. Brother HL-3170CDW:

Best laser printerThe HL-3170cdw is a fast, reliable and affordable Digital Color Printer for small businesses. It features automatic two-sided printing, wireless networking, and prints high-impact color and crisp black documents at up to 23ppm. This is one of the most buying product nowadays. It offers versatile paper handling with a 250-sheet capacity and a letter paper tray along with a single-sheet manual feed slot for envelopes. If you go to laser printer review, you will get many of the people are there who are still using the brother HL-3170cdw printer and undoubtedly people are loving it. If you are also planning to buy brother HL-3170cdw, I would suggest to reading out its full review and our opinion on it. To read full review click on Read full review


2. HP LaserJet Pro M252dw

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After Brother HL-3170cdw, this is the another laser HP printer which is primarily used for business purpose. If you are looking for a color laser printer for heavy-duty personal use or light-duty shared use in an office, the HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw under $300(20,000 INR)  is an irresistible fit. HP LaserJet Pro M252dw is equipped with some of the features which you won;t get in any other printer at the same price. Moreover, HP Jet pro allows printing from USB which saves lots of your time. M2525dw’s JetIntelligence feature delivers faster two-sided printing and reduced energy consumption and lot more features are held by this model. Read out the full review of HP LaserJet Pro M252dw.


3. Brother HLL2380DW

Best laser printerBrother HLL2380DW wireless Monochrome Laser Printer is a small sized printer allows Automatic Duplex Printing. HLL2380DW is a fast printer which prints documents of the speed Up To 32 ppm. In the list of the best laser printer, it holds the top 10 position. And if you ask about the customer review, there are many buyers of Brother HLL2380DW who are enjoying it’s functioning. The HL-L2380DW offers multiple connectivity options, plus an easy-to-use 2.7” TouchScreen Display. The installation and setup procedure is also considerably easy. It allows the wireless connectivity. You don’t need a USB cable. In fact, you can prints documents wirelessly from your mobile device using AirPrint, Wi-Fi Direct, and more. You can check out product detail by reading its complete review here.

4. Brother DCPL2540DW

Best laser printerBrother DCPL2540DW is affordable, reliable monochrome laser multi-function printer. This is one of the best laser printer which prints documents up to 30 ppm. Apart from printing it also facilitates copying pages up to 30ppm. Brother DCPL2540DW allows wireless connectivity, Automatic Document Feeder, Automatic Duplex Printing, and enhanced mobile device connectivity. Besides that, it also provides 1-year limited warranty plus free phone support. If you decide to buy this printer it can be proved your wise decision since it costs very less and easily adjustable on the table. In short it is the best fit for Your Home Office or Small Office.


5. ImageCLASS LBP7660Cdn

Best laser printerHP LaserJet Pro M402dw is the best suit for a small office or workgroup. It’s a small size and light weighted product that can be easily placed on a desk. HP LaserJet Pro M402dw Wireless Monochrome Printer is a fast, easy-to-use machine that is provided with fast printing speed, quality color, and duplex output for printing professional-quality documents. The imageCLASS LBP7660Cdn is one of the best laser printers. If you compare printers you might find it a little bit higher in price than the other laser printers mentioned in the list but surely its working and reliable speed worth its price. It can print f up to 35 pages-per-minute (ppm) in both color and black and white and delivers Prints in approximately 15 seconds which is pretty good. Check out its full review here. If you want best laser printer Reviews click here. And here you can find all the best printers which include not only best laser printer but best inkjet printer and 3D printers. 

Final Words:

In the above list of laser printers, we have mentioned some cheap laser printer and some with the high price. If you are under budget then you can consider Brother HL-L2380DW. And if there is no budget issue then HP LaserJet Pro M252dw, Brother HL-3170CDW are ample. Especially when you need a color laser printer and the wireless printer then these printers are best. 

And if you don’t want the laser printer then do consider inkjet printers they are equally good. Click Here to find out best inkjet printers. Though with the above-mentioned list you can find the best laser printer for you easily but in case, you don’t get any appropriate pick, click Here to find out Best printers of all brands