Best Inkjet Printer in 2016: Top 10 Inkjet Printer Reviews

Looking for the best inkjet printer?? Like many other gadgets in the market, there are a sheer variety of printers available. It’s you, who has to decide what to buy and what not to.

Inkjet printers are a type of printers which produces prints by spraying ink on the paper. These are highly technical and popular printers type which are capable of producing high-quality prints at a very fast rate.

If we will go a little deeper into the working mechanism of Inkjet printers, then we get to know that these printers contain printer heads with several tiny nozzles called jets.

When a paper undergoes the printing head, the jets become active and sprays ink onto the paper producing the desired results thus making the name of the printers as Inkjet.

Best Inkjet Printer in 2016: Top 10 Inkjet Printer Reviews

Inkjet printers can be highly cost efficient producing the quality results as per the demand if chosen carefully. As stated earlier, there is a vast number of the Inkjet printers in the market. Some are the best choice for home use, some suits best in the office needs. Some inkjet printers are useful if your main motto is to generate photos and some fit the bill when it comes to printing documents. A particular inkjet printer can be the best inkjet printer for you because you are on a budget but it might not suit others since they have a certain set of requirements from their inkjet printers.

So, it’s not about the best! Best inkjet printers can vary person to person. The best inkjet printer for one can not be a suitable option for another, so it’s all about the requirements and choice.

If you go to buy a printer, you’ll be provided with a sheer variety of canon inkjet printer, hp inkjet printer, brother inkjet printer, Epson inkjet printer, inkjet printer all in one, inkjet printer scanner and many more kind, obviously making you even more confused!

So, in order to help you out and to provide you with a list of best inkjet printers 2016, we have done a rigorous research and reviewed each and every printer personally.

If you are planning to get the best inkjet printer for you, then do check out our inkjet printer reviews and then decide which one best suits your needs.

Best Inkjet printer in 2016: Top 10 Best Inkjet Printers

So, here goes our top picks of the best inkjet printer, have a look at them.


Although, your search of the best inkjet printer must have ended here. But in case, you are still not satisfied with any of the best inkjet printer described above, most probably your search will be ended on any other type of printer. In that case, I would suggest checking out our list of  top 10 best laser printers and best wireless printers. These printers are slightly different from each other, You’ll get to about the difference in the best printers in 2016 page.

After knowing about the list of the best inkjet printer in 2016, you want to know the detailed review from us, then read out below, we have provided you with the best inkjet printer reviews.

Best Inkjet Printer Reviews 2016

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8620

best inkjet printerHP officeJet pro 8620 holds the number one position on the list and is surely the best inkjet printer. It’s the best suit for office use and seems to be fulfilling all the basic requirements anyone could think of! You can’t find a better deal on this price. If you are a fan of HP brand and looking for the best inkjet printer under $200, then this seems a perfect choice! This officeJet is not only a printer but MFC i.e multi-function printer. It lets you fax, scan and copy. Do you expect more of this budget?? Moreover, it also offers duplexing(printing on both the sides of a paper), wireless printing, multiple paper size printing and more. Overall a cheap inkjet printer! Read our full review by clicking here.


2. HP OfficeJet Pro 8630

best inkjet printerAnother great product from HP. This is the next printer in the series offering almost the same features as HP officeJet pro 8620 with additional functionality. Its an all in one printer which offers high-quality color prints with the printing speed of 16.5 ppm and black and white prints on the printing rate up to 20 ppm. Two sided printing, fax, scan, copy and there are several other features in the list to add up. HP OfficeJet Pro is one of the most affordable and challenging product with a warranty of 1 year. Also, it offers wireless printing that too directly from devices like mobile and tablets.



3. HP Envy 5660

best inkjet printerHP Envy 5660 is a highly recommended inkjet printer if you are willing to buy an affordable multi-function printer. It offers countless features that too at a very low price. It delivers high-quality and quick prints at very affordable price that too in multiple sizes including 4 x 6-inch photo prints directly from mobile. Wireless connections, color and monochrome prints, touch screen functions, Print, Scan, Copy, Connectivity: Wireless capability, HP ePrint capability, Memory card compatibility, 128 MB DDR3 Memory standards and lot more features are there in the printer. Read the full review below.


4. HP OfficeJet Pro 8610

best inkjet printerHP OfficeJet pro 8610 is the best suit for small and micro offices. Your search of best inkjet printer might end here. Along with the duplex printing, it delivers the fast printing speed up the rate of 19 ppm black-and-white and 14.5 ppm color and high-quality prints. Secure wireless printing from mobile devices, scan, copy, fax, and easy setup are some other features in the list. It claims to Save up to 50% on ink with HP Instant Ink, which makes it really affordable. For those with the low budget, this printer might seem appealing. To know more about this printer, consider reading the full review.



5. Canon PIXMA MX922

best inkjet printerA printer which can not be overlooked when it comes on the best inkjet printer for printing photos. Canon PIXMA MX922 is specifically designed for printing best quality photos. The Canon PIXMA MX922 is an all in one wireless printer which hardly cost you anything beyond $100. 35-sheet Duplex Auto Document Feeder, Easily copy, scan and fax multiple documents without having to load them one page at a time, Built-In Auto Duplex Printing, borderless 4.0 x 6.0-inch photo in 21 seconds are some core features of it. To know the pros and cons of this printer, read out the full review of it by clicking the below link.


6. HP Officejet 4650

best inkjet printerIf you are looking for a cheap inkjet printer with all in features, then HP Officejet 4650 can be the right choice for you. It’s not only cheap and affordable for anyone but delivers the good quality prints within seconds. For the small, micro offices or home offices, you can easily go for HP Officejet printer. It’s a light weighted printer with only 17.2 pounds of weight and damn affordable. Some key features of this printer are Auto-Document Feeder, direct printing from smartphones and tablets, wireless connectivity making the best inkjet printer. But, before considering this printer as your best inkjet printer, do read out our full review.



7. Canon PIXMA PRO-10

best inkjet printerCanon PIXMA PRO 10 delivers the best quality color photos. It’s a Professional Wireless Photo Printer with 10-ink pigment based system with chroma optimizer and uses the optimum image generating system to provide the best quality photo prints ever. If you are a professional photographer and looking for the best budget professional photo printer than Canon PIXA PRO 10 can be the ultimate choice. It produces the best black and white prints using the three dedicated monochrome inks. In order to search the best inkjet printer, you can consider Canon PIXA PRO 10 as well.



8. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

best inkjet printerThe Canon PIXMA Pro 100 is an inkjet printer which seems extremely satisfying to its users. In-built wifi, computer-free printing directly from your compatible digital camera, smartphone, and tablets, CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs and jackets, Versatile Paper Handling, uniform ink height etc are some core features of this inkjet printer. It uses 8 Dye based inks for amazing color prints, out of which 3 are for grayscale inks for beautiful black & white prints. Overall great results on budget price, why don’t you read the full review??


9. Epson WP5620

best inkjet printerIf you are a big corporation and looking for an inkjet printer with heavy duty cycle, then Epson WP5620 can be the best fit for you. With a capacity of 45000 pages per month, wireless printing, copying, scanning and faxing, Epson WP5620 printer has everything which the best inkjet printer should have. Along with wireless and all in one printer, there are still many other features in the list which make this printer the best deal. Besides that, you can directly print photos and documents directly from your smartphone and other such devices. Reading the full review will let you understand better if Epson WO5620 is the printer you are looking for or you should try another one!


10. Epson WorkForce ET-4550

best inkjet printerEpson Workforce ET-4550 doesn’t offer as heavy duty cycle as Epson WP5620 but it’s definitely an ink tank. It comes up preloaded with up to 2 years of ink in the box. Which is capable of printing up 11000 black & white and 8500 color prints, isn’t it amazing? Other features of this printer include duplex printing, wired and wireless printing, printing directly from smartphones and tablets, low-cost replacement ink bottles and easily refillable ink tanks!Full review along with pros, cons and user reviews is given below.


What Qualities To Consider When Buying The Best Inkjet Printer

The basic criteria to choose the best printer is the purpose. The best home office inkjet printer and best inkjet printer for a small office can be distinct. So, what are the other criteria to select the best inkjet printer along with the main purpose, let’s find out! I’m sure after reading this Inkjet printer buying guide, you’ll end up buying the best affordable inkjet printer.

Whether you are looking for the best inkjet printer or affordable inkjet printers, no matter  if it’s about the best laser printer or other best printers in 2016, this buying guide may help you to get the best deal! Let’s see what are the criteria you need to check before you go to buy the best printer for you!


This is must check a point. If you are willing to get a printer for home use and your printing requirements are minimal, for instance, something around 100 page per month then there is no need to invest a huge sum of money on a printer which offers a large number of pages per month.

Similarly, if you own a big corporation and printing requirements for you is large, then the best inkjet printer for is one which contains large printing capacity.

Likewise, if your business doesn’t require the color inkjet printer then why would we want to spend additional money on that?? Why not buy a monochrome printer, instead??

So as a whole, we can say that determining the purpose is the most important thing. If you are a photographer, then you should go for the best photo printers instead of the printers which ensure the best text and documents printing!

Print Quality

Printing quality is also an important factor when it comes to determining the best inkjet printer. You definitely should not compromise with the quality of the prints. If you are buying a printer to print photos, then make sure it prints the best quality photos but if the printer tends to print the documents then it should live up to the expectations of printing text well!

Now the question might hit your brain, how to determine the quality of the printers without trying it in person?? Since all the product creator will never claim their product to be bad??

In such cases, our guide on best inkjet printer comes out to be handy and reviews of other users who have tried the products in person help you to choose the best product for you.

Printing Speed

Do you want to invest on something which functions slow?? Certainly no one! We measure the printing speed in ppm i.e pages per minutes. When you will go to get the best inkjet printer for you, make its speed match your needs.

For instance, if you are a big firm, you should never compromise with the speed of your new inkjet printer since its expected your printing requirements to be big. Conversely, if you barely print anything and printing speed is not a big concern for you and you are under budget, do as per your suitability and buy the printer which suits your needs.

But for most of the users, the printing speed is a major concern. So, check carefully how many pages per minute the inkjet printer prints and then decide is it the best match for you??

Design and Layout

Although most of the new models of the inkjet printers are fancy looking and light weight but we can’t overlook the fact that some printers can be large in size and heavy weighted.

So, when you decide the best inkjet printer for you, make sure it’s not heavy in weight and large in size. So that it could save some space on your small office room. Another point you should be focusing on being its acquire the latest technology. Meaning, it should provide the touch screen facility. It’s the era of the touchscreen, any new gadget without touch doesn’t make much sense.

So, make sure your new inkjet printer provides touch screen facility.


Most of the latest model of inkjet printers offer wireless connectivity. Gone are the days when USB was the only medium to connect printers to various devices. Although, most of the printers come up with the ethernet ports but they also supports wireless connectivity.

Only some very low budget printers doesn’t offer multiple connectivity options, but if we are looking for the best inkjet printer, we do have to spend some bucks! Inkjet printers, however, are already very affordable and inkjet printer maintenance is also easy.

So do put your attention on connectivity while choosing the best inkjet printer for you.

Other Features

The best inkjet printer is the one which is feature rich and offers more features than any ordinary printer. One of such features is the ability of printing directly from the mobile devices.

If you are new to printers and don’t know about any such feature then mind you such feature exists and comes out to be very handy at the time of printing from devices like mobile and tablets. Also, you should do check if the printer you are buying supports multiple paper size printing.

No matter whether you are buying the hp inkjet printer, Epson inkjet printer or any other, you should carefully pay attention to the features offered by the printer. Because all these features make a huge difference and make an inkjet printer the best inkjet printer.

Help & Support

Help and support are also a considerable point which should be taken care of. However, most of the brands claim to provide help and support to the consumers either via email or phone calls but you should read the reviews of other users of the brand and consult well before making any decision about the printer.


The best inkjet printer is the one which comes with minimum 1 year of warranty. The more is good but less than 1 year of warranty is not going to make any sense. So, Warranty is also a point to be considered while choosing the best inkjet printer.

Although, after reading the guide you very well know what qualities should be considered when buying an inkjet printer but to make your task of choosing the best inkjet printer easy, we have done the rigorous research and have compiled a list of top 10 best inkjet printers and reviewed them personally.

So this is in, we are done providing you with the knowledge about the best inkjet printer and inkjet printer reviews. If at any point of time you realized that the best inkjet printer is not the right choice for you, check out our picks of Top 10 best printers in 2016 which includes all the type of printers including laser printers, inkjet printers, photo printers, wireless printers, 3D  printers and so on.

In the case of any doubt or confusion, feel free to contact us.