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Are you looking for the best printers 2016?? You might consider it as an easy task at first but when you get provided with the mass variety of printers, this easiest task may appear as evil all of a sudden and your happiness may get vanished!

There are the different type of printers in the market. When you go out to the market and search for the best printer, the long list of different brands of printers, with the slightly different features may seem confusing to you. And it’s obvious, though!

For those with the little to no knowledge about the printers, choosing the best printer is an extremely difficult task. That too when the definition of best varies with the use of the printer.  For instance, if the printer is required for home use then you might want it to be less costly with average duty cycle. But if the printer is for office purpose then higher duty cycle is the must.

best printers in 2016

Besides that, it is also important to consider that for which purpose you want the printer?? If your major purpose is to print photos, then you might want the best photo printer distinct from those who wants to print documents more. Because for those with the requirements of printing documents and text more, the best printers for them are the laser printers.

If connectivity matters to you than you might want printer having wireless connectivity i.e wireless printer. Or if you have something in your imagination and you want to make it a reality creating a 3D object out of it, then you might want 3D printers to fulfill your needs.

But if you are on a budget and not willing to spend much but you do want the best printer on the affordable rates, then you might be willing to go for the inkjet printers.

So, it’s you who has to decide what the word “best” screams out for you. Some people see the best printers in the all in one printer. Means those printers which offer to copy, scan and faxing along with the printing.

With the rigorous research and spending lots of time in the deep ascertainment, we have compiled a list of the best printers in 2016. Have a look at them.

Best Printers in 2016 | Best Printer Reviews:

The list of best printers in 2016 is provided below.

As I stated above, the best printers can be distinct for every user as per their requirement. So, in order to end up the dilemma and sort the problems of all the users, we have categorized the printers into different categories and have managed to provide the best printers based on those categories. You need to navigate through the primary menu to get access to the printers in the different category. Read the printer reviews carefully and then choose the best printer wisely.

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8620

best printersHP OfficeJet Pro 8620 is one of the best printers of 2016 for sure. If you are looking for a budget Multifunction inkjet printer, then you might end up loving this printer. It lets you not only print high-quality prints but copy, scan, and fax, making it best suited for office and home use. Some other core features of this printer are wireless printing, direct printing from mobile or tablet, AirPrint, color touch screen, and more. It offers printing speed up to 21 pages per min black-and-white and 16.5 pages per min color which are pretty good. HP office jet pro is indeed the best printer for home use or office use. Read the full review here.



2. Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW

best printersIf you are looking for the best laser printer in 2016 with all in functionality, Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW can be your solution. Its delivers high-quality color prints at the rate of 32 ppm and with the printing resolution 2400 x 600 dpi for the professional results. Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW is good at flexible paper handling. Duplex printing, wireless and wired printing, direct printing from various devices like mobile and tablet and many more other features are on the list. Apparently, it is one of the fastest and the best printers in 2016. Read the full review here.




 3. Brother HLL2380DW

best printersIf your printing requirements are limited to only black and white prints, then brother HLL2380DW might suit you. It’s a monochrome laser printer which offers very fast printing up to the rate of 32 pages per minute, which is pretty high for anyone with basic requirements. Along with the high-speed printing, there are a number of features out there which can attract you. Some of the key features are the affordable price, color touch screen display, mobile device printing, wireless networking, copying and color scanning, automatic duplex printing. What else do you want in a regular printer??  Read the full review here.


4. HP LaserJet Pro M252dw 

best printers

The HP LaserJet pro M252dw is one of the best color laser printers. It’s one of the most cost-effective and high-quality printers ever. Its printing speed is up to 19 pages per minute, which is pretty good at this price. Besides that, wireless direct, NFC touch-to-print, color touch screen, light weight, wired and wireless printing, mobile printing are some basic features of this printer. If you are looking for the best printer with multi-functionality on an affordable budget, then HP LaserJet M252dw can be your answer. You will get to know more about the printer once you read its full review. Read the full review here


5. Canon PIXMA MX922 

best printersCanon PIXMA MX922 is the best seller on Amazon. With this, you can easily assume that it is one of the best printers in 2016. It costs less than $100 which makes it one of the most affordable printers of all time. It’s an extremely easy to set up and provides all the basic and advanced functionality of a printer which is expected to have the best printers. Those with minimum budget, Canon PIXMA MX922 is the best choice since it’s a multifunction printer which fulfills all you basic needs of printing, faxing, scanning, duplex printing, wireless printing etc. Read the full review here.



6. Canon SELPHY CP910

best printersIf you are a photographer or looking for a printer which can print the best quality color photos, then you can consider Canon SELPHY CP910 for you! It prints high quality borderless 4″ x 6″ photo prints. It’s AirPrint enabled. Meaning you can wirelessly print any photo directly from your mobile, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If your soul purpose to buy the printer is to print photos then you should not overlook this printer. That’s the reason it holds a position in the best printers in 2016. Read the full review here.




7. MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer

best printersThe MakerGear M2 is the best value printer. With the 100 user rating, it seems the best 3D printing, turning your imagination into reality. It comes up with the M2 welcome package, tools package, miscellaneous package, a spool holder with screws, power supplies, power cords and USB cable. If you want the best printers for home, MakerGear M2 is the right choice since it is not very bulky in size and very easy to set up. For more information read the full review.




8. Brother MFC-J870DW

best printersBrother MFC-J870DW is one of the best printers in 2016 which uses inkjet technology. It’s a Wireless Color Inkjet Printer with all in one functionality. Along with color printing, it offers to copy, scanning, and faxing that too on a very affordable price. Besides that, other features of Brother MFC-J870DW includes duplex printing(printing on the both sides of a paper), User-Friendly Design, direct printing from mobile CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc, and more. If you planning to buy a budget MFC printer, then you can’t overlook this option. To know more about this printer, read the full review here.


9. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

best printersCanon PIXMA Pro-100 is the best printer for professional photographers. It delivers the best quality color prints in seconds. It’s damn easy to setup and very user-friendly. Those who have used Canon PIXMA Pro-100 in real seems to love it. It offers high-quality professional color media prints up 13″ x 19″. Besides that, computer-free printing, wi-fi inbuilt, AirPrint i.e. wireless prints versatile paper handling are some other features in the list. If you go through the full review of this printer, you’ll find why I call it one of the best printers in 2016. Read the full review here.    



10. Brother DCPL2540DW

best printersIt’s a reliable and affordable laser printer with the printing speed of up to 30 pages per minute. It lets you copy, scan and fax along with the printing. The only thing which this printer lacks is the color printing. Brother DCPL2540DW seems the best printer for those with the limited requirement of black and white prints only. Its input paper capacity is as high as 250 sheets. Other features of this printer include AirPrint, wireless and wired connectivity, 35-page auto document feeder and Mobile device printing. But before going to buy this printer, Read the full review here.



What Qualities To Consider When Buying The Best Printers:

Purchasing a printer can be challenging sometimes. When you go to the market to make a purchase for a printer you might get confused with so much of varieties you will be provided with. As there are various brands and types of best printers available. No matter what brand or product you decide all you need is the best printer that suits our need.

So, in order to buy best printers you need to know some buying tips that will make your purchase super easy and convenient. If you don’t know what to look for before purchasing a new printer and essential things to consider when buying a printer then give a glance to our buying guide it will get you know what to consider when buying a printer and some important factors that one should not ignore if you want the best printers.

While making any purchase for a printer, there are some printer specs you need to know. Buying a printer is simple but buying best printers that too which fits the bill is challenging. So to make things easy for you I have described a precise buying guide below. Before making the purchase do consider it and make sure you make a purchase for the right product.

I will, however, let you know all the basic keys which should be kept in mind while buying a printer whether it is a laser printer, Inkjet printer, 3D printer, wireless printer, photo printer or MFP i.e all in one printer.

But before that, let’s try knowing the basic technology which is used in all the best printers.

Inkjet Printer vs Laser Printer

There is basically two technology used in printers. 1. inkjet and number 2. Laser.

  1. Inkjet technology: Inkjet printers are easy to afford and are basically developed for home use or small home business. They are certainly good but not best printers for big organizations.
  2. Laser Technology: Laser printers are a little higher in price than Inkjet printers. But certainly best for the big businesses and big organizations. They are very efficient and very fast printers with high-quality resolution.     

Moreover, if we talk about printing black and white text pages, laser printing is unbeatable. In short both the laser printers and the inkjet printers are good at their own place. There is no much difference between Inkjet vs Laser Printer. This is the technology used in printers which differentiate them from each other.

However, both the technologies are equally useful and famous so you can go for any. In fact, inkjet printers are somewhat cheap than the laser printers. To know more about laser printers and inkjet printers click here and here respectively.

If you are done deciding the right technology for you, it’s time to look at the buying guide and learn how to choose the best printer.


When purchasing a printer, it is a must to check DPI offered by the printer. Resolution on a printer is measured on the basis of dots per inch(DPI). In printing dots per inch refers to the output resolution of a printer which defines the quality of the prints. The more the DPI, better would be the quality.

So when you are planning to purchase a printer don’t forget to look at the DPI.

Monochrome or Colour:  

This is another yet intriguing factor that can not be avoided while making any purchase of printers. Remember your first criteria depends on your basic need. You will have to decide whether your need is to print simply invoices or monochrome documents or a colored one.

If the demand is to print simple monochrome docs then why to invest much for the same? I’mean if monochrome printer suits your need then definitely you don’t need to buy any color printer.

And, if you own some organization or firms and the color prints are required most often then buying a color printer would be a smart decision.

Printing Speed and Paper Handling:

The speed of a printer is a most important factor one should not ignore. This is human tendency if we are investing in any product we want its best. No one would want to compromise with a product you have invested on.

So, before making any purchase regarding the printer make sure you check its speed. Though it is not possible to try a product until you have bought it but make sure you read out all its specifications so that you can know how many papers it can print per minute. I simply meant don’t forget to check out ppm of a printer.

Also do check how a printer handles paper. Usually, a printer handles paper up to the A4 size but if your requirements are more than that (like A3 or envelopes) then you will have to look for a specific model which contains a multi-purpose tray.

Design and Layout:

Well, design and layout of the printer depend completely up to your choice. Best printers are best because of their features and functions not coz of design.

But again, it can not be ignored as well. If the purpose of buying a printer is home use then you should go for simple and sober looking printers. Heavy and large printers don’t suit much at homes.

Likewise, if you own a big corporation or have a big office then heavy designs and large printer may suit better there.

Types of Functions and Connectivity:

When you want to buy a printer for you and want the best printers then make a correct decision and buy a perfect one which best suits your need. Consider the types of functions and the connectivity utilized by the printer.     

Also, check if the printer you are buying has a warranty or not. The best printers always have a minimum warranty period of one year along with the help and support. I hope this buying guide help you to get the best printer for you.

Final Words:

So, at last, we have reached the end of this article. I hope this guide must have helped you to get the best printer. Since now you are aware of the list of best printers you can easily select the best affordable printer for you.

We love hearing feedback. Do let us know how do you find the compiled list of best printers in 2016 by clicking this contact us form.